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When you want to modernize your garden, you usually need two different experts: a designer and an installer. An experienced designer has a knack for knowing where things need to go and has spent years perfecting backyards to every imaginable layout. They are also great for knowing what type of plants will grow well in your garden.

Meanwhile, an installer is good at buying, installing, and maintaining these plants so they don’t die. However, installers only execute someone else’s vision, don’t design a grand and beautiful layout. In this sense, improving your backyard is like a major renovation of your home: you need an architect or designer to help you make all the decisions, then a contractor. to build and install everything.

To help you find an easy, affordable way to redesign your yard, we’ve looked at the top four companies that offer online landscaping for your home. But, first, let’s take a look at the top things you need to know before you redesign your backyard paradise.

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Problems When Finding the Best Backyard Design

When trying to find someone to create the best backyard design for your home, you might run into issues with how most landscaping services are actually only installers and won’t. a great job with the design. At best, the design part can be an afterthought just to sell the work and get it done. Remember, planning is worth every penny to make sure you get the vision of your garden that you dream of.

Another issue with contacting a local landscape architect is that it is about the size of the job, usually only focused on commercial properties or homeowners with a big budget. You might even own a home over a million dollars in The Heights or the University of the West, and your garden still wouldn’t be a priority for an architect focusing on an entire planned community. or a large estate in River Oaks.

Because of these potential setbacks, if you want something affordable – or maybe just less complicated – you’re likely to have a hard time finding the right designer who actually cares about your home (although if you’re lucky you might have a friend who knows someone).

As a result, many people are trying the DIY route, as evidenced by the overwhelming number of garden centers throughout the Greater Houston area. The problem is, it’s hard to come up with a stunning design that will also suit YOUR backyard, as the sunlight and soil can vary widely.

What many home network remodeling shows do is make everything look good while the cameras are running, even if the end result is totally impractical for the usual home climate. This beautiful revelation that you admired quickly deteriorates after the contractors leave. Don’t believe us? Google your favorite home improvement show and see how many owners of completed projects have filed lawsuits.

How to choose the best backyard design for your home

One solution to choosing the best backyard design service for your home might lie in the rise of online landscaping design. Innovative and practical, the major websites offering this offer generally operate in a similar fashion. You are purchasing a service package that includes your backyard, front yard, or both. After uploading and submitting the requested videos and photos, the company will provide a plan using 2D or 3D software. To make further changes, you can speak personally with the designer. You then have the choice of finding your own installer or using one that they connect you with.

A huge advantage of this approach is that it is usually much cheaper than bringing in a local designer or architect. The company has hundreds of models on file to quickly piece something together. Since you do the photography and video work, they don’t need to send someone to do a visit in person.

The biggest minus of this approach is that the designs can be a bit cookie-cutter, especially when it comes to the design of landscaping including patios, walls, furniture, etc. However, this is not necessarily a problem. This same cookie cutter design can easily be personalized by flipping the layout, changing the placement of plants, using different colors, and several other simple customization tactics.

To get you started, no matter if it’s a colossal job or you’re just putting together a few small backyard landscaping ideas, we’ve taken a look at 4 of the best garden design services. backyard that you can use for your home, all of which are accessible online.

Modern landscaping by Yardzen in Houston, TX.


Widely known as the current market leader in online landscaping design, Yardzen is the brainchild of an entrepreneur married couple. Their basic premise in founding the service is that everything else in the world can be done on an iPhone or mobile device, so why not landscaping? This was especially important given the data that shows millennials are more interested in outdoor spaces than previous generations when shopping at home.

Besides Los Angeles and the California Bay Area, Austin and Houston are the only markets where the service was first introduced. Yardzen offers 3 different packages for the design of the property and they then refer you to an optional local installer who can make the plans. Plans cost either $ 649 for hand-picked plants or $ 995 for a small front or back design that includes patio ideas, backyard lights, furniture, and other custom landscaping plans. landscaped. The third plan for $ 1,495 is a discounted package that includes the entire yard, front and back.

All in all, when exploring Yardzen, just know that you don’t get individual, in-person attention, but pay considerably less. That’s really what Yardzen is all about, getting the landscaping you need for a local installer to do the job without racking up exorbitant hourly bills.

Spanish landscaping by ShrubHub designer, Seasons Landscaping.

Spanish landscaping by ShrubHub designer, Seasons Landscaping.


ShrubHub offers backyard design, as well as front yard service, for a low base rate of $ 89.95. It should be noted, however, that if this includes a phone consultation with a real landscaper, you will then be sold on multiple upgrades, quickly increasing the final price.

Many users have positive ratings for ShrubHub and are amazed at how little they end up spending on the garden designs they love, but keep in mind, although they have actually received some design plans from them. ‘a real designer, other users have less than stellar reviews. Common complaints include inconsistent communication with long, impersonal wait times, aggressive upselling, and 2D rather than 3D blueprints, creating an unreliable preview of what the final backyard design will look like. .

Ultimately, if you’re on a budget, ShrubHub might still be worth rolling the dice and hoping you have one of the more positive experiences.

A playful and relaxing garden design created by Tilly Design.

A playful and relaxing garden design created by Tilly Design.

Design by Tilly

Like other landscaping services, Tilly Design is a completely virtual experience. In their early days, for just $ 75, anyone could receive a 30-minute face-to-face call with their professional designer to discuss custom landscaping ideas. Due to growing demand, they’ve since moved to a flat-rate model where an entire backyard landscape can be designed for $ 525, with 3 optional upgrades: 3D renderings ranging from $ 250 to $ 350, backyard lighting plans between $ 100 and $ 150 and side yard plans at $ 150 for each side.

When you consider Tilly Design, it really seems like they’re using technology to make landscaping design more affordable for people who otherwise couldn’t afford expert property design, but that doesn’t mean that the designs themselves are poor. All of the examples that we have seen of satisfied customers have been magnificent.

Before and after view of drought tolerant backyard landscaping in West Texas created by Home Outside.

Before and after view of drought tolerant backyard landscaping in West Texas created by Home Outside.

House outside

If you’re still determined to seek out the # 1 backyard design ideas to get your money’s worth, you should also consider our fourth and latest service online. Home Outside has the fewest reviews available, but from what we’ve gathered, that’s because it’s more of a tight-knit boutique team rather than a volume-driven churn mill. . Another indicator of this is Home Outside’s slightly higher prices, more comparable to Yardzen. A single design will cost you $ 999, while 2 designs (front and back) will cost you $ 1,399. The accompanying 3D views cost an additional $ 400 per design.

Before making your decision, we recommend that you carefully review the Home Outside website, especially their image galleries where high quality before and after photos are displayed. If you think their plant suggestions and layout details match your aesthetic, this might be the choice for you.

Start with your dream garden

When deciding on the best backyard design service for your home, it’s important to remember that there should never be a one-size-fits-all design. The best providers personalize the experience to make your outdoor paradise yours. Taking our insight into account, make sure you receive the unique attention you deserve.

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