Caldwell teenager develops thriving landscaping design business

Caldwell, Texas (KBTX) — A 15-year-old girl from Burleson County was the youngest in Texas to earn her master gardener certification at age 10. Two years later, Kylan Canon started his own landscaping design business called Flourish Design & Dig.

It all started with a favor. Canon is now 15 years old and thriving with business from all parts of Texas.

“I love being able to have my own business and it’s a lot of fun,” Canon said. “I can design landscapes for anyone in the state of Texas. Distance is not an object.

Canon said homes were a top priority, but his passion for landscaping opened up even more opportunities for his business.

“I do commercial residents, just regular homes, I’ve done several wedding venues. So whatever you want, I can accomplish it,” Canon said.

With more than a dozen customers, Canon said it believes it can make a difference with its landscaping.

“It really makes a difference in their home…to be able to have this beautiful scenery. It makes their home even more welcoming and it’s truly an honor to be able to do that,” Canon said.

Kylan’s mother, Maleigh Canon, said it takes a special person with a creative and unique mind to successfully bring landscaping to life.

“Take nothing and see what it might look like… with these plants. Then she takes it to her CAD program which again requires skill to be able to learn how to do this. But she brings it into the CAD program and develops something beautiful for her client,” Canon’s mother said.

She said the community of Caldwell was a great place for Kylan to start his business.

“To see our community cheering her on and reaching out to her…as a businesswoman…it’s truly amazing.”

As spring begins, Kylan and his family are eager to see what awaits them.

“As we approach the spring season, it makes me really excited because I know, hopefully, I will have more clientele to be able to work and design new landscapes,” said Kylan Canon.

If you would like to request personal landscaping, email Kylan at [email protected]

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