Crazy paving ideas to inspire a landscaping makeover, according to experts

The latest trends in landscaping are moving away from structured, particularly neat styles, and leaning towards whimsical and less organized elements. The best way to achieve this style, according to Edwards Slate and Stone, is to use crazy tiling. Crazy tessellation is a style of tiling in which stores are cut into irregular shapes and sizes and then laid out like a mosaic. This results in a beautiful organic look.

Crazy cobblestones are available in a range of colors, sizes and patterns; it is an extremely versatile paving option. Experts report that mid-century modern homes use crazy paving more than other home styles to bring out the retro charm and quirky nature of the mid-century design style. However, due to its adaptability and functional nature, Crazy Paving is suitable for most design styles, says Edwards Slate and Stone.

Choosing the best type of stone for crazy paving is key to getting the perfect look. Crazy paving is available in a variety of materials: bluestone, sandstone, limestone, slate and split stone. Edwards Slate and Stone highly recommends bluestone for areas such as walkways and entertainment areas, as bluestone is the most durable stone and can withstand high foot traffic.

Crazy paving can elevate any area and breathe new life into gardens and patios. As crazy paving experts and blue stone pavers Melbourne large, Edwards Slate and Stone is here to help, whatever the project.

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