Cumberland Landscape Group Acquires 3 Atlanta Landscaping Companies

Mariani Landscape has acquired seven family businesses and has grown 350% in the last 18 months, a company record.

The acquired companies are:

  • Berghoff Design Group / BDG Maintenance; Phoenix
  • Sundown Drawings; denver
  • Landscapes by Hoffmann; Wilton, Connecticut
  • NatureWorks Landscape Services, Walpole, Masse
  • Rocco Fiore & Sons, Libertyville, Illinois
  • RP Marzilli; Boston
  • Woodlawns Landscaping Company; Chicago

Three of the companies acquired were on Lawn & Landscape’s 2022 Top 100 Companies list, which is based on 2021 revenue: RP Marzilil, number 43 with $53.9 million in revenue; Designs by Sundown, tied at 71 with revenue of $36 million; and Berghoff Design, number 75 with 2021 revenue of $34.6 million.

CI Capital owns a majority stake in Mariani Landscape, but current Chairman Frank Mariani will remain 100% actively involved in the business. CI Capital previously owned SavaTree before selling to Apax in September 2021.

The acquired companies retain their brands and their management teams.

“As we seek to build the best residential landscape business in the world, we partner with companies that are the best at what they do in their local markets. We trust them and fully support their management teams, and we add value by creating services that enhance the experience of their customers and associates,” said Mariani Landscape President Frank Mariani.

“We didn’t want to replicate what we’ve seen in the commercial landscape industry, where companies were absorbed and local management was removed. The companies that have joined us so far have set a tremendous precedent that this is a business model that works well and benefits everyone. »

Bob Marzilli, President of RP Marzilli, added, “Companies that join Mariani Landscape will find that they will not lose their identity and are still in control of their destiny. By joining our group, owners remain an integral part of their business. They don’t just sell their businesses and leave.

One of the resources offered by the Mariani Landscape family of companies is what Mariani Landscape calls the “Ultimate Peer Group” – a platform service where the leadership teams of all companies can draw ideas, share experiments and solve problems.

“The peer group that has been created by the Mariani family of companies is invaluable. Everyone brings an incredible amount of knowledge and experience to the table,” said Jeff Berghoff, President of Berghoff Design Group.

Charlie Noll, president and founder of Woodlawns Landscape Company in Chicago, says the acquired companies all operate independently.

“We share resources and services, but Mariani’s management team trusts me to run my business and doesn’t want to change that,” he says.

The new Mariani Landscape family of companies will also focus on green initiatives and landscaping best practices.

“Our industry hasn’t kept pace with other industries when it comes to adopting technology and prioritizing things like career growth,” said Matt Gramer, president of NatureWorks Landscape Services in Massachusetts. “At Mariani, we plan to push things forward in this regard and set the tone for innovation for the industry.”

Mariani Landscape plans to continue to proactively seek residential landscape businesses that align with its core values ​​and plans to expand into several new states in the coming months.

Mariani is focused on family businesses, but they are open to having conversations with other businesses, regardless of their ownership structure. The company has created an email address, [email protected], for interested parties to contact.

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