Debt pooling: benefits for your finances

Do you know what a debt pool consists of ? Do you know how it will allow you to control your finances? A grouping of debts consists of reunifying all the debts that you have contracted in a single monthly installment.


Benefits of debt pooling

debt pooling

Debt reunification brings multiple advantages to your economy. If over the years you have been contracting several debts and a time has come when you cannot cope with them, it is time to think about grouping your debts .

For example, you have a mortgage, you have requested a loan to buy a car and this summer you have financed your vacation to treat yourself. However, you find yourself overwhelmed by all these debts, and you don’t know how to have a break to reach the end of each month. At this time in your life is when you should rethink going to negotiating agencies to group all your debts into a single installment.

The unification of debts will not only allow you to have a single monthly fee but also, that fee will be less than the sum of all debts separately. what does it mean exactly? It means that the monthly amount you will have to face will be less than the sum of the debts separately. Thanks to debt reunification , you will have a greater respite to reach the end of the month.

Another of the great advantages of debt reunification , is that, it will allow you to have greater control over your bonds and you can think about saving monthly. What do you think of this solution? Amazing, right?


Where to go to group debts?

group debts?

Surely at this point, you have already decided to group your debts for all the advantages it can provide to your family economy. Do you know what the next step is? Once you have made the decision to group your debts you will have to go to a negotiating agency like Pardillo Consultores .

Many clients ask the same question, why can’t I go to my trusted bank? If the debts have been contracted with different financial entities, you should go to negotiating agencies . Your bank will not be able to carry out this procedure if the debts have not been contracted with them.

The negotiating agencies will bring you many benefits. First of all, they will be in charge of carrying out the entire procedure from day one, you will only have to provide the documentation they need. The negotiating agencies have qualified professionals who are experts in the field. These professionals have the ability to negotiate. They will negotiate the best conditions for you.


How can I calculate an estimate of the final installment after reunifying my debts?

debt loan

In Pardillo Consultores we have a debt unification simulator . If you want to calculate an estimate of your final installment, it is very simple. Enter our website! Fill in the required fields and you will have an estimate. However, as we mentioned earlier, it is an estimate that can vary depending on various factors.

Therefore, it is essential that you go to the negotiating agency so they can study your case and provide you with a solution according to your needs.


I am autonomous, can I unify my debts?

debt problem

Of course! We understand that many freelancers need to invest money in their business for the company to begin its activity. Sometimes, these investments can overwhelm you and you don’t know which solution is best for you. Debt unification is an ideal option for you and your company. You can group all your debts into a single monthly installment.