Electronic invoicing options for your landscaping business

With the business boom in the height of the season, landscaping companies might start looking for e-invoicing options that could help streamline their invoicing processes.

Total landscape maintenance speak with Invoice2go and Biller Genie on how their systems could help landscaping companies, as well as what sets them apart from others billing and invoicing programs.Tlc Part One


With so many billing options available these days, it can be difficult to decide which one is best for your landscaping business.

According to Noah Hall, head of analytics at Invoice2go, this system is a cross-platform software application that can be used on Android and iPhone, as well as a web platform.

Hall says Invoice2go offers customizable templates to ensure customers don’t have to start with a blank sheet of paper to begin with. He adds that the system also allows you to see when a customer opens an invoice, set up automatic payment reminders, and create financial reports for all unpaid invoices.

“Basically, it’s a document generator, so you can create professional-looking personalized invoices, but you can also use it to send estimates if you get a quote for more important work,” says Hall. .

Hall says that Invoice2go offers customers full payment acceptance functionality. Through the app, Hall says you can activate various payment options for customers, such as credit card payments or bank transfers, and a link to the invoice can be sent directly to the customer via SMS, e- mail, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and other mobile. applications.

Hall says users report that, on average, they save three hours and get paid seven days faster using these methods.

Hall says they also have partnerships designed to facilitate lending or financing for small business clients. Hall explains that landscaping companies can offer financing to their own clients through this system to help them take out a loan for a project they are billed for.

“The subscriber (landscaping company) will receive this money directly into their linked bank account without having to accept checks or cash,” says Hall. “There’s a pretty comprehensive ecosystem to help get the job done and then get paid for it. “

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Hall says the target business demographics for this software are the commerce industry, and he adds that small businesses are particularly interested in the system.

Adrian Munford, owner of A&D Property Management, has been using Invoice2go for over a year and says he has found a significant advantage in switching from his old billing system to the new one.

“I’ve been using it for over a year now, and I personally think it’s the best,” says Munford. “It has everything you need for invoicing and your customers will feel comfortable hiring you because it shows you are more professional. “

Munford says the system was easy to learn and his clients got used to the transition well. He adds that this technology has certainly proven to be useful while adapting to the new standard of COVID-19.

In the past, Munford says his business struggled with receiving bounced checks frequently and that with invoicing software, that was no longer a cause for concern. In addition to no longer having to deal with cash, checks or cards on his end, Munford says the implementation of this software also offers customers a secure method of paying for their services online.

Popular features

Hall says that some of the most important value points that customers attribute to this software are being able to keep a detailed record of the jobs they’ve done, being able to track that jobs, and having an organized billing and invoicing system. and professional looking for their customers to use.

“This software will drop a nice email with a PDF invoice in their inbox and provide a link to pay on the spot remotely,” says Hall. “One of the biggest issues we’re trying to solve with this app, which seems to be one of the biggest reasons people use it, is having a better, easier way to get paid. And the more automated the method of collecting payments for work they’ve already done, the more administrative work. “

Hall says another unique feature is that landscapers can create an estimate, send it to clients for approval, and clients can then respond with their approval or addenda. These changes can then be automatically converted into an invoice, and work can begin without much clerical work or document regeneration.

Hall says the in-app appointment feature has also proven popular with landscapers, as they can keep track of any work they have in progress that day, week, month, or year.logo for invoice2go

“Integrating the app with calendars to automatically schedule these appointments, then convert those appointments and invoice themselves has proven to be very popular,” says Hall. “If you charge on an hourly rate, you can use the invoice to track how much time you spend at work, have that immediately factored into your invoice and generated based on the time you spent there. “

Hall says the app is the largest user platform, but there are many customers who benefit from using both the app and the desktop version. He says workers in the field benefit from the fact that they can generate invoices in the field, while those in the office can manage accounts at their desk.

Hall says there are four membership levels, and all of them are available in monthly or annual format. The four tiers are Light, Standard, Advanced, and Unlimited, and Hall says they range from $ 6 to $ 35 per month depending on your business needs.

“The service offers several plan options at different annual prices depending on the number of users in your account, the number of customers you store and the number of invoices you send per month,” says Hall. “All plans allow you to accept payments by credit card, debit card or PayPal. “

Check back tomorrow for Part 2, where we’ll take a closer look at Biller Genie and what it can offer landscapers.

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