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Armstrong had previously worked with Wendy Walker on creating a design for the entire family backyard through a 3D landscaping program. Along with a young girl, Armstrong said it was important that the design did not feature high-maintenance plantings.

“I need something very low maintenance,” Armstrong said. “I don’t want to spend my weekends in my backyard. I want it to be pretty, attractive, and aesthetic and that I can sit outside and enjoy it.

Walker’s Lawnscapes Virtual Designs started as a part-time business five years ago, while Walker still worked as a nurse. Her husband, Hubert Walker, had started a lawn care business after losing his job when Sony shut down. Wendy Walker has always had a natural green thumb and a knack for creative landscaping.

“I was raised on a Christmas tree farm,” said Wendy Walker. “I started planting when I was very young and caring for trees and plants.”

In the past year, she quit her nursing job and entered the virtual landscaping business full-time. Customers can pay a fee – which ranges from $ 89 to $ 125 – for a virtual design. They can then use the design and do the plantings themselves or they can hire Walker to make the idea a reality.

What is virtual landscaping?

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