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Posted by Idea Spectrum, Realtime Landscaping Pro is widely regarded as one of best landscaping software the low. This advanced tool will allow you to design realistic and detailed 3D visualizations of outdoor landscapes, including gardens, houses, plants, objects, water landscapes, and more.

In this Realtime Landscaping Pro review, we will assess the main features of the software and how it compares to other landscaping products on the market. Although it is unfortunately currently only available for Windows, the vast library of features and impressive features of Real-time landscaping Pro make it a powerful tool for any professional or amateur landscaper to have in their arsenal.

Review of Realtime Landscape Pro

Idea Spectrum offers two similar products aimed at different ends of the market (Image credit: Realtime Landscape Pro)

Packages and prices

At a one-time cost of $ 149.95, Realtime Landscaping Pro is a good-value mid-range option for professional designers, although it can be pricey for home users.

Idea Spectrum also offers two similar products aimed at different ends of the market. Realtime Landscaping Plus is the cheapest option at $ 99.95. It comes with fewer design elements and lacks waterscapes, making it suitable entry-level landscaping software.

Realtime Landscaping Architect is Idea Spectrum’s most advanced software, designed for high-end professionals. It costs $ 399.95 and comes with CAD drawing tools, more design objects, and additional advanced features.


Realtime Landscaping Pro uses advanced 3D graphics to bring detailed visualizations of outdoor landscapes to life, with realistic lighting, shadows, movement and other effects. It offers options to create terraces, patios, water features, walkways, etc. It is also accompanied by a library of over 12,000 objects, including 5,700 plants. About 660 of these plants even show realistic growth, seasonal changes, and lively wind movements during the videos.

With this software, you can drop a prefabricated house, create one from scratch, or import a digital photo. You can also add 3D characters, which will be animated during videos or walkthroughs. The realistic 3D graphics and the variety of customizable options are a remarkable feature of this software. However, note that you can only model the exterior of houses or structures.

Review of Realtime Landscape Pro

Realtime Landscaping Pro uses advanced 3D graphics to visualize outdoor spaces (Image credit: Realtime Landscape Pro)

If you are a home user who wants to create visuals to show to a contractor, the software allows you to create designs with dimensions and locations scaled precisely to your home and landscape. These can then be printed to scale.

If you are a professional designer, the software allows you to create video presentations for clients that will bring your design ideas to life.

You can use Realtime Landscaping Pro to estimate the cost of your landscaping project. The Project Materials List function allows you to enter prices for different objects; the list is then automatically updated as you design your landscape. When you’re done, you can just print the list or export it to Excel.

Review of Realtime Landscape Pro

Choosing, placing and scaling objects is relatively easy with a drag and drop feature (Credit: Real Time Landscape Pro)

Interface and in use

Realtime Landscaping Pro has a sleek and intuitive interface that is easy to navigate for beginners, with clear icons and tabs. It is accessible to those who do not have prior landscaping or CAD experience.

Choosing, placing, and scaling objects is relatively easy, and most of the time involves a drag-and-drop function. There is also a cancel button in case you make a mistake. To place a house or platform, you can choose from a range of pre-existing designs or easily create your own by outlining the structure. Being able to switch between a bird’s eye view and a 3D view of the design is also a useful feature of the interface.

While the basic functions of the software are suitable for beginners, there is a learning curve for some of the more advanced tools.

Real-time Landscape Pro Review

Realtime Landscaping Pro offers a built-in help guide which can be browsed through the search bar (Image credit: Realtime Landscape Pro)


This software comes with a good level of guidance. Hover over an icon and a small explanatory tab will appear with a link to more information about the feature. There is also a built-in help guide which can be accessed with a search bar.

Idea Spectrum also posts a large number of in-depth tutorials on its Youtube account, a useful resource for beginners. Customer support can be accessed by email or phone through their support web page.

Review of Realtime Landscape Pro

Architect 3D offers home and landscape design tools for Mac (Image credit: Realtime Landscape Pro)

The competition

VizTerra, created by Structure Studios, is a high-end alternative to Realtime Landscaping Pro, with comparable 3D visualization graphics and a few additional features, including the ability to access GIS surveyed terrain data. However, at $ 97 per month, it turns out a bit more expensive. The water features would also require an upgrade to a more expensive plan.

One of the biggest drawbacks of Realtime Landscaping Pro is that it is currently not available on Mac. Thus, a viable alternative is 3d architect by Avanquest. Their business plan costs $ 152 for Mac users and $ 90 for Windows users.

The good thing about this software is that it also offers interior home design options. However, compared to Realtime Landscaping Pro, 3D Architect has a small library of exterior objects and plants, and it lacks a bit of Realtime Landscaping Pro’s more advanced features, like project cost estimates.

Final verdict

Realtime Landscaping Pro is one of the best landscaping products on the market today. For its price, it’s a good value option for professional landscapers, although it can be expensive for home users who don’t need so many advanced features.

Its main drawback is that the software is only available on Windows, making it inaccessible to Mac users. Additionally, there is a learning curve for its more advanced features, although Idea Spectrum’s Youtube tutorials provide good support for those who are having difficulty.

Overall, we highly recommend this software. With its beautiful 3D graphics, large collection of objects and plants, and useful presentation tools, it offers an all-in-one solution for those looking to bring their landscaping to life.

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