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There is nothing wrong with keeping your pool landscaping simple. But if you want a true oasis, turn to pool landscaping ideas that will help take your backyard to the next level. For truly stunning pool landscaping, dream bigger than a concrete walkway around the water. Instead, imagine aromatic flowers, upgraded cobblestones, inviting seating areas, and excellent lighting that will keep you enjoying this near-home getaway until late at night.

After all, “landscaping” doesn’t just describe the greenery and rocks. For a complete pool landscaping, try mixing a combination of rigid landscaping and flexible landscaping. By incorporating natural components, your swimming pool will look more like a true paradise than a concrete water well.

1. Surround one side of the pool with jungle-inspired plants


By incorporating lush plants around the perimeter of your pool, you will create a space that will make you wonder if you are in your backyard or on a tropical vacation. Finding the best varieties to plant will depend on your actual climate, but even pool owners in areas of the country that require more resilient plants can achieve the same aesthetic with ferns, hostas, and hibiscus. Some palms can even tolerate subzero temperatures.

2. Build a rock wall along part of the pool.


You can really improve the landscaping of your pool by adding raised rocks around its edge. For the most personalized look, rock can be incorporated directly into the design of the pool during construction. But even if you adapt your landscaping to an existing swimming pool, you can exploit this idea with real or man-made rocks, including some that offer built-in speakers.

3. Add built-in planters for a resort-like effect


Give landscaping a focal point with eye-catching planters that work right into your landscaping. Perfect for showcasing blooming flowers, shrubs, or even trees, built-in planters add an instant wow factor to your pool landscaping.

4. Create a shaded relaxation area


You will do it in the shade with a cabana area by the pool. The easiest and cheapest option is to add a sailcloth and lounge chairs. Or build a full outdoor pool house for an experience that surpasses many 5-star resorts.

5. Expand the space of the pool terrace with Xeriscaping


Along with landscaping a swimming pool, one of the biggest expenses is also one of the most essential expenses: Building or renovating a pool deck using stamped pavers costs an average of $ 7,000. By adding elements of xeriscaping around a narrower pool deck, you may be able to keep costs down while maximizing the Palm Springs-like vibe.

6. Space the concrete pavers with grass in between.


Dig your toes into lush grass while adding visual intrigue around your pool by adding a few inches of sod between the concrete pavers around your pool. A modern yet classic look, this is a great pool landscaping idea to consider if you are redoing your pool deck.

7. Add a raised wooden deck


Mixing materials for the pool deck space is a perfect way to add interesting design elements to your pool landscaping. Adding a slightly raised driftwood deck next to the pool is a good way to give the illusion of extra space. Add a patio table for the perfect dining area by the pool.

8. Build a waterfall for a tropical getaway


Adding a waterfall feature is a guaranteed way to make your pool landscaping more glamorous – and the project may not be as expensive as you might think. On average, homeowners across the country can expect to pay $ 1,500 for a professionally installed 12-foot rock cascade.

9. Plant flowers with your senses in mind


Spending time around the pool can be a complete sensory experience if you add aromatic flowers to the pool landscaping. With its own microclimate, you’ll want to do some research before planting any new flowers or shrubs around your pool. However, some relatively safe bets for most climates include lavender and geraniums. Or grow your favorite flowers in pots to extend the season.

10. Relax in the evening with a built-in fireplace


If the pool is your home’s go-to social gathering space, create a more inviting evening hangout with a built-in fire pit added to the pool landscaping. It costs an average of $ 300 to $ 1,400 to have a propane fireplace installed by a professional, but can create invaluable entertaining experiences.

11. Mix drinks in a poolside bar


If you are building a swimming pool, a swim-up bar can be included in the design. Or, if you’re adding to your existing pool landscaping, consider building a freestanding combo bar and grill area for the best dining options. And once the bar is set up, all you have to do is find someone ready to prepare the drinks.

12. Build seats in landscaping


Give people a spot at your next poolside party with built-in benches around the pool deck or in the backyard. An easy addition to any space where you need a retaining wall, seating can make pool landscaping more inviting, especially if you add outdoor pillows or cushions.

13. Turn it on with professionally installed lighting


A worthy upgrade to string lights or tiki torches, professionally installed lighting around your pool area will add functional luxury to the landscaping. Whether you’re building poolside structures or just need to add lighting, custom lighting can differentiate your landscaping.

14. Go minimalist for a modern aesthetic


With clean lines, a narrow pool deck, and manicured grass, your pool landscaping can shine, without feeling fussy. This allows you to stay focused on the pool and lounging without requiring too much additional landscaping maintenance.

15. Improve the pool fence


Even though the pool fence is all about safety, that doesn’t mean it can’t look good too. Take your overall landscaping style into account while selecting the best fence for your pool space so that you can add to the aesthetic rather than distract from it.

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