Visual reports to process your landscaping business data

When it comes to making important decisions for your lawn or landscaping business, you likely rely on data you’ve gathered over time. Whether you’re running reports or viewing spreadsheets you’ve kept, you use this information to make decisions based on what you read. But what are you to see is also useful. You could even say that “seeing is understanding”.

What I’m talking about is visual reporting. Visual reporting involves taking the data you’ve collected and putting it into an easily viewable format, such as a graph or table. Data visualization is important for landscape business owners or managers who need to make real-time decisions.

Visual reports make things simple

One of the biggest benefits of visual reports is that they make the process of reading data easier (and faster). It’s much easier for everyone in your company to interpret a chart or graph than to read a bunch of numbers.

The fact is that it is not enough to collect data. You must also be able to interpret it and use it to make concrete decisions. Visual reports can help make this possible.

Some of the decisions you could make with data include dropping unprofitable customers, talking to teams about inefficiencies, or spotlighting high-value customers. Visual reporting can help you measure the “value” of your contracts. It’s important that you not only look at the most revenue-generating clients, but also those who give you repeat work or frequently refer you to others.

Visual reporting tools for your landscape business

Many landscaping companies use a program like Excel to create spreadsheets and use visual reports. They will take all the data they have compiled and enter it into a program that can give them a visual representation of that information.

But the future of data analytics is in dashboards, a data management tool that can help you track, analyze, and visually display your data. This type of visual report can take your business to the next level. There are various dashboard tools available and some landscaping business software systems, like Asset, integrate them. This may be better than connecting to a third-party visual reporting tool.

In fact, Asset offers iKPI (Include Key Performance Indicator), a visual analysis tool that merges data from all areas where you might collect data (CRM, accounting, production, sales, etc.). This can give you a complete view of your business performance.

Whatever tool you use, it’s important that you use the data to your advantage. The best way to make informed decisions for your lawn or landscaping business these days is to look at all the information you’ve gathered and use it to make smart choices. With the tools and technology at your disposal, there is no longer any reason to have to “guess”. You can be strategic about the future of your business.

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