What to do if banks refuse a loan?

Sometimes a client who wants to get a loan from a bank is faced with a loan refusal. Often this news sounds like a sentence to borrowers. But is it worth falling into despair, and is it possible to take a loan somewhere else if the bank refuses you a loan?

Reasons for refusing a loan or debriefing?


By and large, bank representatives should not explain to borrowers why the bank refused the loan. But nevertheless, this problem is worth exploring in more detail. So why did the credit institution refuse you?

It is widely believed that the main reason why banks refuse credit is unofficial employment. But it is not so. Unofficially working citizens who meet certain bank criteria can also get a loan.

Suppose that our potential borrower is a respectable citizen who works officially. A bank may refuse such a borrower, for example, due to insufficient solvency. This means that the amount of the loan that the client originally requested does not match his income level, and therefore he will not be able to repay it.

The second reason why banks refused the client may be the presence of so-called “stop requests” at his age, address, place of work. This means that the borrower may not be suitable according to certain criteria of the bank, for example, by age category, region of residence (it is preferable for banks to apply for a loan in the department located in the client’s region of residence), by wage, by type of employment (so , banks prefer not to issue loans to customers belonging to professions with high risk, for example, firefighters, divers, pilots, employees of the Ministry of Emergencies, etc.)

The presence of a criminal record

The presence of a criminal record

As a rule, banks are reluctant to issue loans to citizens who previously served their sentences in prison. Only some banks that are not lazy and are interested in the article that grants a prisoner a prison sentence give loans to convicted people.

For example, they will not give out loans to persons who participated in the robbery, theft of property, murder, rape with aggravating circumstances, etc. And they can issue if the borrower was illegally charged and acquitted, or was detained for petty hooliganism. But basically, after hearing about the criminal record, bank representatives are set to refuse and do not plan to clarify the circumstances. In addition, the reason for the refusal may be a criminal record not only of the borrower himself, but also of his immediate family.

Meanwhile, the reasons for refusing a loan may be due to poor credit history. In a negative way, the bank’s response will be affected by a systematic violation of the loan repayment terms, late payment, as well as litigation due to the resulting loan debt.

Few people know, but the reason for the failure of a credit institution may be the presence of debt for utilities. Yes Yes. It is this debt that will characterize the borrower as an unreliable payer.

A loan may also be denied

A loan may also be denied

When a loan has already been opened with a client in another credit institution. Bank managers, approving or not approving a loan, always make simple mathematical calculations, taking into account the size of the borrower’s net profit (money that the client has after taxes, fees and other expenses). So the size of this profit, taking into account the new and old credit, may be too small. And, therefore, the client physically will not be able to pay two loans at once.

Few people pay attention to this, but the bank can refuse a loan to a client whose appearance did not suit him. It is not for nothing that they say that they are “greeted by clothes.” This means that a tattooed man with a piercing in all possible places and with a shaved head is most likely to be refused, although it is possible that he can afford to pay this loan. They will not give out a loan to an untidy citizen who rushed to the bank in a hurry after a hard working day. And even more so, they will refuse a bank loan to residents of the city if they arrived at the bank while intoxicated, even if it was very light.