Why apply for a loan online

At this time, the digital era has made many traditional things that took a lot of time in procedures and resolution of them, take a minimum time and with less complicated steps to reach the final result.

In the case of online loans for companies, the step by step that has to be done is very easy, so going to an institution that operates under this modality is quite beneficial for all parties.


The search


Searching online for an institution that grants loans is quite fast and a decision can be made very easily, even, you can ask for advice online in case the site has a live chat integrated, in addition, you can simulate a credit Depending on the amount that is required and the time in which you want to pay the loan, some sites will request your data to give you access to the simulation tool and surely, in a few hours or the next day you will receive a call to know if it convinced you the service.



Many online loan sites have a frequently asked questions section. If doubts still arise, some portals offer personalized attention through their social networks, in which specific objectives and more details can be addressed so that the financial company can better help its client. This point is important, since the agile response by any means is essential for day-to-day monitoring.



money loan

If the company is made up of partners, it will be easier for everyone to make a decision at the moment that each of them can enter the websites, make their own comments and make a decision together for the benefit of the company. Undoubtedly, it is a step in which many discrepancies are avoided by avoiding the famous “broken telephone” that originates from having a face-to-face interview with an executive.


Sending documents

One of the best advantages of online loans. Now all the sending of documents necessary to open a credit is much easier thanks to the fact that everything is shared digitally at the time and day when it is possible, in addition, avoiding the tedious unnecessary turns where we did not carry the correct documents and, therefore, the times were longer to receive the requested money.


Receipt of payment and payments

Receipt of payment and payments

Thanks to online banking, physical money has been left behind, as well as visits to bank windows, now, only with the Royale-Q Bank SLABI, the money will be received by the client and the payments made every month to settle the Credit can be charged to the same account or deposited via electronic banking.


These are the main benefits of online credits, which are already a reality in our country and are regulated by law like any other financial institution, so our security, data and money are safe.