XScape Landscaping Design and Construction builds new backyard for woman battling brain cancer

A GENEROUS act of kindness has created a beautiful new backyard for the family of a Northwest Melbourne woman who has battled brain cancer.

A GENEROUS act of kindness has created a beautiful new backyard for the Taylors Lakes family of Ben and Lisa Knabe, a mother who has battled brain cancer.

Ms Knabe underwent surgery in 2015 to remove a fist-sized tumor from her brain.

After hearing about this, XScape Landscaping Design and Construction business partners Jack Engel and Chris O’Connell – along with their landscaper Kerri Mewett – decided to remodel the Knabe’s back garden.

The landscapers of Taylors Lakes have created a wonderful oasis for the Knabe and their three daughters.

“What I enjoyed the most was mostly helping them out and giving them something to enjoy and watch instead of a desert,” Engel said.

He said the job involved around two to three weeks of work.

Mr. Engel said his suppliers, including Deb Thorne of Bunnings Watergardens; Jenny Sadler, owner of McDonald’s Taylors Lakes; Grant from CorroSteel Industries; Latiesha Jamieson of Formboss; Sam of Frank Z Building and Garden Supplies; Mick, Andrew and Joanne of the Green Center; Yvonne Yuen of HG Turf; and Wade and Brad of PaveWorld had donated materials free or at cost.

Over the course of a weekend, multitudes of people volunteered their time to mulch garden beds and create a dry creek bed.

Mr Knabe said his family’s new garden was “an incredible transformation”.

“It made a huge difference for me, Lisa and the kids,” he said. “It changed our lives, it’s phenomenal.

“I love the lawn and Kerri put a lot of native trees in the back which I love.”

Mr Knabe said his daughters enjoyed playing soccer and dodgeball in their new backyard and working in the vegetable gardens.

Two ornamental bridges were also installed.

“We’re pretty much blown away by what they’ve done in a short period of time – we’ll be enjoying it for years to come,” Mr. Knabe said.

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